Hi there,

My name is Nataliya, I'm 35 years old and moved after 6 years working as teacher in south Thailand back to my home city Odessa, Ukraine.

I like to make pictures from the usually peoples day live. Right now I use a Samsung SGH-250I phone as camera. I get soon from my husband a better camera with higher resolution and better quality. Stay tuned. All photos have EXIF Date with recording date stamps.

If you use Firefox since version 3.5 the element properties menu is not more standard in newer versions of this webbrowser but available as an extension.

"Returns the 'Properties' menu item that was removed in Firefox 3.6, 4.0 to the context menu."
You can get it here: Element Properties 6

To enhance Firefox with the ability to read Meta information EXIF Data you may also install: FxIF

I keep my blog up to date as much as I can.

All pictures are copyrighted by me.
Please do not hotlink to the photos files!

Instead of linking to the graphic file, link to the story url on my page.

For example: http://www.odessa.rr.nu/2010/11/my-cat.html
or click on the entry "Links to this post"